As a church, we have commited to 90 Days of Discipline. We are working to become more disciplined physically, spiritually, and financially through exercise, prayer, reading the Bible daily, and by increasing out giving over the next 90 days. Below you will find all you need to know in order to join us in this challenge!

There are two ways you can commit:


Option 1:  I commit to 90 Days of Discipline including through the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John), physical exercise at least three times weekly, and financially giving to Bethel Temple.


Option 2:  I am committing myself to 90 Days of Discipline including reading the entire Bible (Genesis through Revelation) within 90 days, physically exercising at least three times weekly for 15 minutes or more, and giving to Bethel Temple in tithes and offerings.


Everyone is invited to join our 90 Days classes Wednesdays at 7PM!

Please call 440.842.9600 or email to let us know if you are going to join us in the 90 Days of Discipline or for more information.

Click below for the reading schedule for the 90 Days.