Community Outreach

Jesus Christ called us to be witnesses for him beyond the walls of our church. We desire to be a blessing to the families in our community, and here are some of the ways we do it. If you would like more information about any of our events, you can email

Twice each summer we take to the city parks to show our community God's love. This totally free event is for all ages. There is free food, giveaways, inflatables, music, puppets, and more! This year we will be at Veteran's Memorial Park on June 6 from 12-2 and James Day Park on July 25 from 12-2. We want to be a blessing to asmany families as possible. We hope you'll join us and also help us spread the word!

We know how hard it is for working families to find a place for their children when school is not in session. On Good Friday, we offer a free one-day VBS style event that includes music, games, crafts, inflatables, and more! We even provide breakfast, lunch, and snack throughout the day! Students from Pre-Kindergarten (3 years old and potty-trained) through 6th grade are invited to join us from 8AM-4PM. You do not have to attend Bethel Temple or Bethel Christian Academy to take advantage of this totally free event! If you have any questions you can call 440.842.9600 or email

As summer comes to an end, we have one last big event! We invite the community to our church grounds to this big event. There is free food, giveaways, inflatables, music, and much more! We always have a big rummage sale and a blood drive inside as well. 

Brown Bag Ministry was launched in 1983 and it is an outreach to the heart of Cleveland. Bill Wagner leads a team of 40 volunteers that make two trips downtown every Sunday to provide food and drink to the homeless of the city. They have a van and trailer equipped to meet the needs of the ministry. On their morning trip, they provide coffee and donuts. They make a second trip at lunchtime, providing soups, sandwiches, beverages, and more. They also distribute shoes, boots, coats, and other items of clothing. And of course, and most importantly, there is always a word of prayer and the opportunity to share the love of Jesus and minister one on one to those who come. 

Our way of being the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. Jesus came not to be served but to serve, Mark 10:45, and we want to give of ourselves as well. We have teams that will be working in conjunction with Parma City officials to serve the elderly and handicapped through projects in their homes. We also be do a variety of service projects throughout the community and within our church to serve widows, the elderly, and the handicapped.

A dedicated team of adults and students travel to local nursing homes FROM TIME TO TIME to sit with, talk to , and pray with the residents. It is one more way that we are trying to show Christ's love to everyone. 


P.S. I stole this logo (or at best "relocated it for ministry purposes.")