Royal Rangers is a national ministry to boys of all ages. 

Rainbows is for preschool age boys. Noah’s Ark provides an exciting theme for the Bible stories, crafts, full-color activity pages, and games for this preschool club for boys and girls. Rainbows work to add colorful animal badges to their vests as they complete achievement program.

Ranger Kids is a program for boys in kindergarten through 2nd grade. The Ranger Kids Advancement Trail is based on the needs, interest and characteristics of young boys through

learning—from both experiences and activities—and

being recognized for their learning. It is designed to offer

every boy adventure and fun.

Discovery Ranges is for boys in 3rd through 5th grades. Being a Discovery Ranger will give a boy many chances to do new things. He will learn new skills, like camping, building models, giving first aid, and cooking while

learning about God and His Word.

Adventure Rangers is a program for 6th-8th grades.

Every great challenge a young man accepts helps to build

his character, increase his determination to achieve, and

improve his ability to set goals and fulfill them. The Adventure

Rangers Advancement Trail offers such a challenge-

the Trail to the Gold Medal of Achievement.

If you have questions about any of our ministries to children, call Pastor Jeremy at 440.842.9600 or email